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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Kind of Things to Look for in a Home-Based Business?

Choosing a home business is sometimes difficult; people confuse Consumer Direct Marketing® with MLM marketing. There is a difference, what to look for versus what to avoid;

Actually Consumer Direct Marketing® involves switching stores, or have consumable products, there is no risk involve since the products are being use by you, your family and everyone that washes clothes, showers, brushes their teeth, you get the point! Such company manufactures, produces and sales their products directly to the customers, by not having a middle man, the quality of the products is higher and the cost stays at reasonable prices. To better differentiate do a checklist questioner, for example you might want to ask yourself, Am I going to be proud to offer this products and what kind of guarantee do I have that they will work? Your check list must have a check in all the following;

are real products you already use, this way you would re-direct what you already spend at the local store.
products are supported by science
has an opportunity to win for everyone involved.
company has a proven track record
company has high record customer retention and repeat purchase.

As you can see the check list is short but the standards are high, don't settle for nothing less. The home-based industry is great way to start a business, but is not just something you do, like a job, it's a real business, where you are the boss and you are in charge of the income the business is generating. A home based business is like any other business out there, requires initiative and mostly perseverance and the will to learn. I believe anyone can be their own boss if they have the right mind set.

And now the difference; MLM model

large inventory purchases.
require to resell the products
product prices are higher than the actual value
rely on fascination such as miracle creams
uses pay actors and celebrities
has a compensation plan where the first in win and the last in loses.
companies that come and go.
companies that have low customer retention
For people to succeed needs prior MLM experience and or contacts

There will still be objections and claims it's all the same, and it's ok to believe it because when you hear it enough you start believing it.

Now you know to what to do, don't settle for less and focus on Consumer Direct Marketing model, by far the only way to do a home based business risk free.

Wishing you a prosper and abundant life