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Monday, January 16, 2012

The answer to my prayers, online pre-school educational website

My three-year old is eager to go to school, everyday she wonders when the school bus is coming to pick her up and take her to school. She will soon start Pre-k, I feel she is ready but is she?.
My native language is Spanish, I know the importance of being fluent in two languages so I decided to teach both of my girls my native language first. I encourage my three-year old to respond in Spanish when somebody is speaking to her in Spanish and in English when spoken to in English.
I teach her English vocabulary but I believe I need to do more than just teach her “apple in English manzana in Spanish”. She loves learning new things and asks a lot of whys. I feel I’m not doing enough to exploit her intelligence. She is unbelievably bright, and I often think to my self what should I be doing to help her with her eagerness to learn.
The answer came from the PBS channel while she was watching The cat in the hat, I was reading when I notice a website for kids, but thought I’ll Google it later.
Days passed by when one afternoon my tree year old brought me the same old books to read to her, I just said to myself, “she could be learning something new”, and went straight to Google.
I couldn’t remember the name of the website, I only remember the first tree letters and there it was, rank number one in Google. It was exactly what I have hoped for, they offer online early education for kids 2-6, over 2,000 educational games and activities for Reading, Math, Science, Art, and more.
I’m amazed of how much she has learned, I only showed her once what to do. When I watch her do the activities from the other room it seems as if she has been doing that for months and it has only been six days since I subscribe. I feel a sense of relief knowing that she is learning while playing and she loves it!
I’m very exited about this, besides the educational benefits I see that my child growing in more than one way, for instance in the aspect of independence, just yesterday she ask me to move her toddler bed to her bedroom and she stay there all night.
My one year old likes to imitate everything her big sister does and when my tree year old sits on the computer desk and starts repeating the letters, number colors or pronouncing words aloud my one year old sits right next to her. The only drawback is the fight for the mouse, since my one year old wants to do everything her big sister does!
I recommend this to all the moms out there! Here is the link to Full Online Preschool-Kindergarten!

Happy Motherhood!